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#RealPatients – Cheryl’s Lower Back Pain

Cheryl works in Finance, and is an avid gym-goer and runner. Here is her journey back from injury with Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic…   “I’ve been regularly exercising for a long time, going to gym classes and running in the park. Over time I had started to notice that my left hamstring and buttock […]

5 Years

This Sunday, our clinic turns 5 years old! Since we first opened in Boldmere in 2014, our team, facilities and patient numbers have grown beyond anything I could have imagined on that first day. In the last year we have relocated to the centre of Sutton Coldfield, welcomed Lizzie Watters our new Sports Masseuse to […]

Breast Feeding Week

How can an Osteopath help with breast feeding? When I speak about how an Osteopath can help a baby, it often sounds unusual as why would a baby need an osteopathic treatment, why would they be in pain when they are so young. Sometimes a baby can struggle to breast feed due to musculoskeletal elements, […]

Painful Runner’s Knee

Running is a great way of increasing your fitness, by helping to improve your cardio-vascular fitness, enhancing muscle tone and even making us feel good and reduce stress by releasing hormones called endorphins. However, running can be a strenuous form of exercise on our bodies and can give us general aches and pains when we […]

The Rehab Code

Patients come in to our clinic looking first and foremost for manual therapy. This is where our team really shines, and practical, hands-on treatment is the first love of all our practitioners. However, once a patient is out of pain, how can we ensure the problem doesn’t occur again? This is where rehabilitation exercises come […]

Why does my child tip-toe?

I often see children in clinic who struggle to walk with the feet flat and find it easier to walk on their tip toes without any contact with the floor with their heels. This is very common and will usually resolve once a child starts walking more and starts school, however sometimes it doesn’t resolve, […]

Ice or Heat?

A common question I get asked is what should I use ice or heat after an injury? But what happens when you use ice and heat? Ice and heat effects are bodies differently by affecting the blood vessels. When we use ice our blood vessels constrict and become smaller which helps to reduce pain and […]

Farewell Lee!

It is our very sad task to announce that Lee is leaving our clinic, with his last working day being Tuesday 7th May 2019. Lee has been a really valuable asset to our team here at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic, and he will be greatly missed by the team and his patients.   We […]

Lizzie’s Guide to Marathon Prep

Marathon season is almost upon us, with London coming up at the end of April. Training programmes are getting intense, and although the end is in sight – the potential for injury preventing performance on the day is still high!   Here are my top tips for effective marathon preparation, to see you through to […]

Osteo for Osteoporosis

Manual therapy is most people’s first choice when it comes to reducing muscle aches and pains, but what if you have a health condition that reduces the amount of force your body can cope with? Osteopathy is a great gentle treatment option for people with less bone density. Osteopaths are trained to treat people with […]

The Real Birth Workshop with Heather Turner

We are delighted to share with you the Real Birth Workshop, which is coming to our clinic on Saturday 27th April 2019. We are so lucky to have been chosen as a venue by the fabulous Heather Turner, midwife and proprietor of Barefoot Holistic Therapies, who offer the Real Birth Workshops in Sutton Coldfield. Heather […]

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are a common occurrence in our day to lives usually which are accompanied with neck pain. Tension headaches can also be known as cervicogenic headaches occurring from tension from your neck leading to a headache.   Symptoms of tension headaches; Dull ache from the back of your head which can stay local to […]

7 Pools Run 2019

Our team were delighted to attend the 7 Pools Run in aid of the Norman Laud Association once again this year. This charity, and these runs in particular, are very dear to our team, and we have been attending to provide free sports massage for runners for a number of years. The Norman Laud Association […]

Gym Problems

If you’re having gym problems I feel bad for you, son.   I have a lot of patients turn up in clinic who feel like their gym form is going out the window. They might have been training for a long time, but feel their right and left sides are uneven in press moves… They […]

What is Sciatica?

Sciatic pain is horrible, as anyone who has experienced it will attest to! Burning pain down the back of the leg, pins and needles, and in extreme cases loss of muscular power in certain muscle groups. So, what is sciatic irritation? Why is it so painful? And how can Osteopaths help people with sciatica?   […]