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Michelle on Maternity

There have been lots of changes here in clinic over the last few months, but none of them as noticeable, or exciting as Michelle’s mega baby bump! There are just two weeks left to come and see Michelle in clinic, before she embarks on a short maternity break for the birth of her second child. […]

Paediatric Osteopathy; Honing My Skills

On 10th February I attended a paediatric course titled the miserable Baby at the London School of Osteopathy by Miranda Clayton. As the title of this course suggests we discussed subjects around the topic of why a new born baby may be unhappy and upset. During the day we went through the Anatomy of a […]

Spinal Manipulation – What’s the Crack?

One of the techniques our osteopaths in clinic employ is spinal manipulation. I find it’s met with glee or fear at first mention, depending on the sensibilities of the patient on the table. Obviously, any technique that involves moving the patient quickly and with precision is open to human error, but of the thousands of […]

How Does Pain Work?

Pain science has come a long way in the last 10 years! We’re now able to use modern imaging techniques to see exactly what happens when we’re in pain, and naturally this information is incredibly useful to healthcare professionals (like the osteopaths and sports therapists at our clinic!) when it comes to helping patients to […]

Original Osteopathic Principals

The father of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, developed osteopathic medicine as an alternative to the harsh, and often damaging medical interventions of the 19th century. Medicines at the time mostly consisted of opium, arsenic and castor oil, there was no anaesthetic for operations, and post-operative infections were rife.   A T Still suggested hands on […]

Finding Work/Life Balance

A lot of our patients in clinic struggle to balance the pressures of modern life. In a time where it seems totally acceptable to answer an email at 01:00AM, how is it possible to carve out a bit of time for yourself? Studies have shown meditation, mindfulness and having quiet time to reflect on our […]

Laugh – It’s good for you!

Who doesn’t feel better after a little chuckle? Even better after a big belly laugh? What about when something is so funny you can barely breathe, and your eyes are streaming? Sounds bad, but it’s still good, right? Well laughing might be better for you than you ever thought!   Abdominal Workout Side splitting laughter […]

Added Benefits of Scrapping Added Sugar

We all know that high sugar diets can contribute to weight gain, but there are tonnes of reasons to avoid refined sugar that have nothing to do with your waistline.   Keeping your brain sharp Studies have shown high sugar diets can prevent protein bonding in the brain that help with memory and responsiveness. In […]

Back Pain 101

If it’s the first time you’ve had back pain, it can be quite scary! Most of us can expect to have a sore back at some point in our lives, it’s the most common health reason people take time off work in the UK. So, what do you do when your back is sore? And […]

Hidden Benefits of Walking

We just don’t walk as much as we used to! Even short trips once walked are now done in the car. But there’s more benefit to walking than just smaller petrol bills each month; here are the hidden benefits of walking.   The cardio effect… Even though walking is low impact, it’s actually a great […]

Yoga VS Pilates

In clinic a lot of patients will ask   “What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?”   They seem to be lumped together in people’s minds a lot of the time, but are really quite different. When working out if one (or maybe both?) are right for you, it pays to know the basics… […]

Healthy Dog Walking

It’s January the start of a new year and the thoughts of Improving health and fitness. Improving fitness doesn’t always mean going to the gym or preparing for a marathon… it can mean starting to move more and incorporating small exercise into your daily routine. Walking is a gentle form of exercise and if you […]

The best reasons to exercise…

In January, there’s a tendency for people to start exercising and eating healthier after an excess in the festive season. Unfortunately, so many of my patients in clinic seem to do this for all the wrong reasons… “I’ve put so much weight on”, “I feel so fat!”, “I can’t believe how wobbly I look!” – […]

Choosing a Workout for the New Year

With the onslaught of #newyearnewme posts on the internet in January, it can be easy to get caught up wanting to try every new fitness trend going. Here are our top 3 classes to try in the Sutton Coldfield area now that you’ve got the fitness bug!   Pilates Lounge – Absolute Beginners Sutton Coldfield […]

Dry January

Dry January is the term coined for giving up alcohol for the month of January, and has been adopted by many as a way to detox after a heavy party season over Christmas and New Year.   Most people doing dry January slept better, had more energy, and saved money over the course of the […]