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Back Pain 101

If it’s the first time you’ve had back pain, it can be quite scary! Most of us can expect to have a sore back at some point in our lives, it’s the most common health reason people take time off work in the UK. So, what do you do when your back is sore? And […]

Hidden Benefits of Walking

We just don’t walk as much as we used to! Even short trips once walked are now done in the car. But there’s more benefit to walking than just smaller petrol bills each month; here are the hidden benefits of walking.   The cardio effect… Even though walking is low impact, it’s actually a great […]

Yoga VS Pilates

In clinic a lot of patients will ask   “What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?”   They seem to be lumped together in people’s minds a lot of the time, but are really quite different. When working out if one (or maybe both?) are right for you, it pays to know the basics… […]

Healthy Dog Walking

It’s January the start of a new year and the thoughts of Improving health and fitness. Improving fitness doesn’t always mean going to the gym or preparing for a marathon… it can mean starting to move more and incorporating small exercise into your daily routine. Walking is a gentle form of exercise and if you […]

The best reasons to exercise…

In January, there’s a tendency for people to start exercising and eating healthier after an excess in the festive season. Unfortunately, so many of my patients in clinic seem to do this for all the wrong reasons… “I’ve put so much weight on”, “I feel so fat!”, “I can’t believe how wobbly I look!” – […]

Choosing a Workout for the New Year

With the onslaught of #newyearnewme posts on the internet in January, it can be easy to get caught up wanting to try every new fitness trend going. Here are our top 3 classes to try in the Sutton Coldfield area now that you’ve got the fitness bug!   Pilates Lounge – Absolute Beginners Sutton Coldfield […]

Dry January

Dry January is the term coined for giving up alcohol for the month of January, and has been adopted by many as a way to detox after a heavy party season over Christmas and New Year.   Most people doing dry January slept better, had more energy, and saved money over the course of the […]

2018 at Ebrook

It’s been a big year for our team! We moved from our original clinic location in Boldmere to our new home in the centre of Sutton Coldfield. This was no mean feat, considering the clinic was only closed for two days during the move, our practitioners and admin staff worked tirelessly to make sure the […]

Self-Care at Christmas

December is a notorious time for poor health – with the festive parties, more eating and drinking, next-to-no daylight and flu season in full swing, it’s no wonder most of us feel pretty grotty by the time it’s over. Here are my top tips for maintaining your health and learning self-care for the Christmas season. […]

Psycle London

While I was in London on a course recently, I decided to make sure I got some exercise by booking into some classes. There is an abundance of boutique style fitness studios in London to choose from, so I took to social media to investigate my options… Psycle is known for it’s cult status spin […]

Emily at the King’s College Dissecting Lab

All Osteopaths must complete additional studies each year in order to maintain their legal registration in the UK. This is great, because it means that all registered osteopaths are responsible for keeping their knowledge up to date. As part of this learning, I recently went on a study day at the dissecting rooms at King’s […]

Steroid Injections for Joint Pain

“If I get a steroid injection will it be beneficial?” This is a common question I get asked in clinic. So here are my thoughts regarding steroid injections and I mean corticosteroid injections – although as an Osteopath I do not administer or use injections as part of my treatment.   How do they Work? […]

Pain-free Christmas Wrapping

The Ergonomics of Christmas Wrapping With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time to start helping Santa and wrapping the presents.  Which can be a big job and require a lot of time being in one position to get them all done for Christmas day. Here are some tips to help keep you enjoy […]

 Lower Back Pain and Christmas

Christmas is an unlikely nightmare for people suffering with lower back pain. Traipsing around the shopping centre, high heel wearing, and standing for long hours at parties or after work drinks can all be problematic. There are some pro tips you can take on board to mitigate the festive ache.   Move at a pace… […]

Erdington Food Bank Festive Appeal

Every year, our practitioners are lucky enough to receive some extra little goodies from their patients – chocolates, biscuits… maybe even a cheeky bottle of wine? Last year, we felt so spoiled, that we just couldn’t accept any more (calories)! We are so humbled that patients would like to bring us anything at all, so […]