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A Bit More Fit with a Fitbit?

I have been thinking about the usefulness of smart watches recently because I can see various patients wear them. A few have reported really feeling more in charge of their activities. They mention that it encourages them to exercise more as well as documenting their efforts already made that day or even week. We all […]

Michelle’s Tips for Weight Loss

Margaret Tyrell has lost over 1 stone in weight and 24cm on our 6 week weight loss programme! This is a fantastic achievement; she is fitter and faster on her road bike, and loves how she looks! The secret to her success is simple – dedication. Margaret had goals to reach, a party to attend and a […]

Sleeping and Neck Pain

Many patients ask me if their neck, back or shoulder pain could be caused, or at least made worse, by their sleeping position, mattress or pillows. In this article, my aim is to give some general advice to those wanting to get the best night’s sleep they can, and hopefully overcome any symptom aggravation sleeping […]

Top Tips for Muscle Tightness

If you’re a victim to perpetual muscle tightness, you’re in the right place! Here are my top tips to recognise muscle tightness, combat it, and prevent it from returning! But first we need a really quick review of the physiology to understand what we’re dealing with! What does it mean to have tight muscles? “Tight” […]

Problem Postures

You know what really grinds my teeth? Posture. Haven’t we heard it all before? Sit up straight, don’t slouch, tummy in, chest out… I am a bit allergic to these statements because they are often so carelessly used and so generalised; they can really put you in a bad mood in no time! I am […]

How to spot a fad diet

People’s opinions on diets, as well as government health recommendations, seem to change all the time. Yet adverts routinely appear claiming to know the answer to what we should eat. So how do we distinguish between what is actually healthy for us and what ads want us to believe? These ads take advantage of everyone’s […]