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Osteopathy for Older People

This is a subject very close to my heart – at university I wrote my dissertation on the health of Older Adults and an Osteopath’s ability to care for them. As we get older, our bodies need a little bit more looking after; like an amazing vintage car that needs care to keep it in the […]

Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) is the term given when a child has an asymmetry to the shape of their head. The medical terminology around this condition is difficult to navigate, and it can be even more difficult for new parents to understand, as different areas of asymmetry are also given specific names. There are two […]

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is the go-to exercise of many back pain sufferers; they swear by it’s power to engage, tone and reshape the core of the body, and to teach them proper spinal posture. But what actually is Pilates? And what is it about Pilates that makes it initially so much better for people with lower back […]

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – DOMS

DOMS is something everyone has most likely experienced, is perceived as a dull aching pain in the affected muscle, and often combined with tenderness and stiffness. The pain is typically felt only when the muscle is stretched, contracted or put under pressure. DOMS tends to kick in from as soon as six to eight hours […]

Osteopathy for Golfers

Golfers are among the most fanatical patients we treat in clinic. If their game is going badly, it’s the end of days – if you take some numbers off their handicap you’re the hero of the hour. There are few sports that require the concentration and precision of golf, and there are few sports that […]

You’re In Good Hands

We were so delighted to have the early September article from the Pilates Lounge Blog to feature as our very first Guest Editor. The Pilates Lounge has been serving the local community in Sutton Coldfield since 2014; providing Pilates, Yoga, Barre and TRX classes every day of the week. Their beautiful studio is located at […]

Do I need an MRI?

This is question we get a lot in clinic – a patient may come in with a simple mechanical lower back pain, and because it is new to them, and they are worried about their diagnosis, they want an MRI to be sure. The problem is, of course, MRI scans are expensive in both the […]

Why People Fail at the Gym

Setting yourself a fitness goal is one thing, but achieving it is quite the other. So many people join the gym with the best intentions, and six months later they’ve made no progress. They weigh the same, they look the same, they feel the same. Why don’t they get the results they were hoping for? […]

The Benefits of Sports Tape

Most people will recognise sports taping after the most recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where many athletes performed with thick stripes of blue, pink and green down their arms and legs. To the average TV viewer, they might look more like a fashion statement than a sporting aid, but recently in clinic our […]

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe pain in muscles and tendons from a repetitive action, commonly in the forearms and hands. In a nutshell, repetitive strain injury is a diagnosis by exclusion. The problem is that even now there are very few objective diagnostic measures to diagnose RSI – it […]

Paddle Boarding in Tamworth

The first time I went to Cliff Lakes to try paddle boarding, it was under duress from my Pilates teacher, Clare Watts of the Pilates Lounge in Sutton Coldfield. “You’ve got to try this; you’re going to love it!” she said. Pilates is hard enough without the threat of falling in a lake, I thought […]

The Truth About Paleo

What is the Paleo Diet? Paleo is short for Paleolithic Era, which was approximately 2.5 million years ago, long before farming and agriculture. At this time people would only be able to obtain nutrition from their surroundings. It’s thought that our ancestors eventually became stronger and more athletic by consuming these foods. The argument that […]

Summer Butternut Salad

This is one of my favourite salad recipes – hearty enough to be a full meal on it’s own, but equally great with a BBQ. The first time I had a salad like this, I was at a (slightly damp) BBQ with my friend Leanne, who is originally from Johannesburg. Hosted by Leanne’s friend Michelle, […]

Avoiding Football Injuries

It’s preseason and we’re starting to see some common football injuries coming into clinic. These patients are at risk of binning the season before it’s even started – so here are some common football pitfalls and how to avoid them.   Hamstring Tears So we all know that one guy on the team who can […]

Three Years

On Friday 4th August 2017, our clinic celebrates the third anniversary of it’s very first patient appointment. What started out as a single room above a vacant shop on Boldmere High Street, has quickly turned into a centre of activity and community for our practitioners and patients. There have been over 6000 appointments held for more […]