On 12th February I attended a kinesiology taping master class course by John Gibbons at
University Sport, Oxford, this course was designed to teach qualified physical therapists a
new skill when assessing, treating and rehabilitating injuries.
This is a skill which I have been wanting to learn for a while after seeing the benefits it can
have from observing colleagues at our clinic.
This was a practical based course so I ended up being covered in tape from head to foot
which was great so I can feel the benefits for myself. I was surprised of how comfortable the
tape was and how much it can help acute to chronic long-lasting pain. Kinesiology tape can
help a wide range of injuries from sports injuries to posture and it comes in a wide range of
colours from pink to more subtle colours.
Although being a practical course we also needed to learn the theory of the technique and
to go over some anatomy. Anatomy is very important being an Osteopath so it always good
to keep on top of our anatomy knowledge.
This was a very enjoyable and informative course and a great new skill which I can now offer
in clinic!