Running is a great way of increasing your fitness, by helping to improve your cardio-vascular fitness, enhancing muscle tone and even making us feel good and reduce stress by releasing hormones called endorphins.

However, running can be a strenuous form of exercise on our bodies and can give us general aches and pains when we train but you may experience some knee pain. Runners knee also known as patella femoral pain syndrome is the most common form of knee pain in running injuries. Pain usually originates around your knee cap (the Patella) and you can have swelling around the front of the knee. You may feel your knee is popping, clicking, grinding or making some strange noises.

Your pain may worsen when running, going up or downstairs or doing squats, movements that can add stress to your knee joint. When your knee is under extra stress/strain this can cause imbalance in your muscles becoming stronger or weaker which can change your knee mechanics and cause you pain.

How can treatment help?
An Osteopathic treatment will help to identify causes of what is straining your knee, so your joint can recover, your Osteopath may also give you exercises to help prevent this from reoccurring.

Your Osteopath will look at the whole of your lower limb not just your knee. We will start by working through your bio-mechanics and movements of your knee, foot and hip as well as helping to stretch your muscles out, to help avoid any extra stress on your knee.

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