On 10th February I attended a paediatric course titled the miserable Baby at the London
School of Osteopathy by Miranda Clayton. As the title of this course suggests we discussed
subjects around the topic of why a new born baby may be unhappy and upset.
During the day we went through the Anatomy of a new born which is very different to an
adult’s anatomy as they still have a lot of growing to do and we also discussed at what age
do bones start to fuse and ossify, as our skull is not fully fused until the age of 20!
This was mainly a practical course although we didn’t practice any techniques on babies!
But instead on each other so some techniques were adapted to do on each other (being
slightly bigger than a new born). During the course we were shown new techniques and
positions that baby like most and if you have seen me treat a baby you will know that a
rarely use a couch but end up using the entire treatment room to find where the baby likes
to be and whether treatment needs be on a pillow, on a parent or doing treatment standing
which was emphasised during the course and that treatment needs to involve movement as
babes don’t like to be still.

The main points which were covered were; feeding, Gastro Esophageal Reflux, the lower
digestive tract, and their hips and pelvis at birth, going through the theory and then
techniques which may be appropriate to help with treatment.

Most treatment practice of the day was cranial treatment which always reminds me of how
gentle treatment is but how much effect it can have on our bodies and having some
treatment done on myself I feel refreshed and relaxed.

A very enjoyable course, and I am looking forward to the next one.