Our fantastic receptionist Kathryn has been on maternity leave following the birth of her second baby this summer. We haven’t been given much chance to miss our Kathryn yet though, because she whipped Baby Joey straight into clinic to see our resident Cranial Osteopath, Samantha, for some soothing neonatal treatment.

Here’s Joey and Kathryn’s story, in her own words…

Joey was unhappy after feeds from a few days old. He had colic symptoms throughout the day, but was worst between 10pm and 2am every evening. Screaming and crying, and clenching his fists and whole body. (Every photo I have of him in those first few weeks is him crying.)

Brought him to Samantha at around 3 weeks old; she made us both feel relaxed and was so gentle with Joey. If he was unhappy she would stop [the treatment] to calm him down.

He was generally really chilled during treatments and I honestly believe that Cranial Osteopathy, along with changing his milk, made him a completely different baby. I really do feel like I’ve exchanged babies!!

He’s now settled throughout the day, and he now sleeps through the night (8pm till 6am) I’ve since recommended Cranial Osteopathy to people with unhappy babies!


Cranial Osteopathy involves gently stretching and relaxing a baby’s body by bringing it into a position of comfort. It is a soothing and quiet way of treating any small tensions that may arise.

Osteopaths are trained to help parents understand the mechanics of a baby’s feeding, sleeping and changing routines, to help keep parents and babies comfortable.

If you would like more information about Osteopathy for Babies, please contact our clinic.

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