The Ergonomics of Christmas Wrapping

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time to start helping Santa and wrapping the presents.  Which can be a big job and require a lot of time being in one position to get them all done for Christmas day.

Here are some tips to help keep you enjoy your wrapping and avoid any strains on your back.

Try and avoid doing your wrapping sitting on the floor!

When sitting we can sit in awkward positions for long periods which can put extra strain on our backs.

The kitchen table with a chair is a great place giving you a good working height, so we can use our arms to wrap and not our backs to help avoid any extra stress on our backs.

An Ironing board can also be a great addition to wrapping as you can alter the height to find a height that suits you and you can put it in front of the TV, so you can watch a Christmas film and wrap the presents I love to watch the Polar Express while wrapping.

Set up your wrapping station

Have everything you need no further than arms reach a way to avoid bending and stretching repeatedly… and so you don’t lose the scissors which I always can never find.

Wrap as you buy…

This not only makes it easier and not as stressful, so you are not doing it all at once, it helps you to avoid being in one position for too long.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are great to alternate from wrapping paper as they decrease your time of wrapping and you don’t need to reach as much to find the scissors.

I’m sure you have heard me say in clinic keep moving and stretch…… although wrapping presents may not feel like a marathon or going to the gym it is still important to stretch before and after a session of wrapping.

Take regular breaks and move positions after 20 mins to make sure you are comfortable and not being in one position for too long.


Some presents can be an awkward shape or size and be quite heavy. So, it is important to remember to lift properly when moving them.

  • Bend your hips and knees and squat down and lift using your legs and not from your back
  • Try and keep the present close to you to avoid extra strains on your back and try to avoid twisting as you lift.
  • If it is an awkward shape, ask someone to help you move it and wrap it…team work.

But most importantly enjoy this festive season and I hope these tips will help you avoid any pain or discomfort, so you can have some festive fun!