Your feet take the whole weight of your body so its very important as individuals to take good care of your feet.

Poor foot health can result in the inability to keep mobile and independent. This can have an impact on our mental health due to not being able to socialise and take part in activities.

It is important to look after your feet as we only have one pair of them. Foot pain can lead to issues with walking and exercising which are important part of health and well being as we age.

Keeping toe nails cut and under control is key as nails that become too long can press against the end of the shoes and the constant pressure can cause soreness infection and ulceration.

Toe nails that have been poorly cut can also become ingrown so its important to see a podiatrist to ensure nails are cut correctly to prevent the nails from ingrowing.

As we age we naturally develop more problems with out feet due to normal daily wear and tear of the joints but also because the skin starts to become thin and loses its elasticity as well as being dry and much more fragile.

When should you see a podiatrist?

An annual foot check is as important as having your ears and eyesight checked as we get older.

Conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems can all be picked up by looking at the feet and common problems like corns, cracked skin and ingrowing toe nails can be successfully treated.


If you notice any of the following conditions you may need to see a podiatrist.

-hard skin (callus)

-corns (these can become very painful and may affect your day to day activities

-changes in skin colour, such as red, blue, paler, blacker all these can indicate circulatory problems to the lower limb.

-swelling in the feet and legs (can indicate underlying health conditions)

-hair loss within the feet or legs

-shiny skin-

-open wounds, blisters or breaks within the skin.

-pains in the legs and calves

-Dryness of the skin

-difficulty putting footwear on

-redness heat swelling within the legs and feet.

-unusual odour or discharge for example a wound or ingrowing toe nail

-pins and needles or tingling sensation within the feet and legs


Being diabetic and having any of the above conditions professional advice and treatment is essential to prevent any further complications.

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