Runner’s Clinic

Sutton Coldfield Specialist Running Clinic

Running is an amazing workout; the endorphin rush of completing a run is second to none. We want runners to get the most out of their sport, to be able to push their bodies and achieve personal best results for distance and speed. Improvement comes from studying their gait carefully with specialist equipment, and having the results analysed by practitioners who are experts in their field.

Research shows runners at novice and semi-professional levels can improve their running economy and reduce the risk of injury by undergoing gait analysis to highlight areas of improvement.

Muscle strength, balance and technique are examined and explained to runners in our dedicated clinic. Detailed video analysis is combined with strength testing and coordination exercises to establish areas for improvement. Our experienced and professional team of physical therapists can then guide patients in the improvement of their running technique.

Our practitioners can give runners advice on their training schedule, tendon strengthening activities, endurance training for longer runs, how to progressively and safely increase load, as well as training for better running posture, cadence and technique to help avoid injuries.