Emily and other members of the Ebrook team have contributed to blogs and publications in the last few years.

Emily has had several articles published in Osteopathy Today, the Institute of Osteopathy magazine, and works closely with the Editor to produce content that showcases Osteopathic incentives, collaborative working amongst Osteopaths, and the Institute’s social and branding campaigns.

If you would like collaborative content for health and fitness, we are always looking for brands and publications to help raise the profile of Osteopathy within the UK.

We currently have prepared content for the following groups, waiting to find the right platforms for publication;

  • Expectant Mothers and Babies
  • Athletes
  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Those looking to start exercise for the first time

Our team are also available for interviews for press and media regarding health and lifestyle topics, including exercise, pain management, osteopathy and physical therapy.

Please contact us for press opportunities on