Pregnancy Clinic

The Perfect Pregnancy Treatment in Sutton Coldfield

Pregnancy is such a special time of life, we want our mothers-to-be to enjoy every second!

Discomfort and pain can leave expectant mothers feeling fed up, and not in the best position for labour, birth and life with a new baby.

At Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic, we have practitioners who are specialised in looking after expectant mothers before and after birth.

Because your body changes so much over the course of pregnancy, it’s important to take steps to keep in good working order. The high demands of pregnancy can be countered with manual therapy, such as Osteopathy.

Osteopaths can help pregnant women overcome more severe pains, having success in treating patients with sciatica, lower back pain, ligament pain, rib pain, SPD and other pelvic pains.

Birth is a marathon, not a sprint. Our practitioners are set on getting women to birth feeling healthy, energised and ready for parenthood.