Nicola Eastwood

M.Ost (Master of Osteopathy)
General Osteopathic Council number 9359
Member of the Institute of Osteopathy

Nicola qualified from the College of Osteopaths in Staffordshire in 2017. Nicola believes that patient education and empowerment are vital parts of successfully treating aches and pains, and that the more patients understand about their condition, the better they are able to manage them and live free from pain.

Nicola treats patients from many different walks of life, whether they be office workers, or older people suffering from the pain of arthritis. Nicola’s sunny disposition is enough to put all her patients at ease from the moment they enter the practice. You know you are in kind and caring hands with Nicola.

Nicola’s hands on treatment is straightforward and practical. Nicola has done post-graduate study in Western Medical Acupuncture and Kenisology taping, ensuring she has the right tools to tackle any ache or pain presented in clinic. Nicola is dedicated to developing her knowledge and regularly attends extra courses and lectures outside of her clinical work.

Nicola has joined our team in order to work as part of a large multi-disciplinary clinic, while continuing to run her own practice nearer her home in Kidderminster.

Each practitioner is insured and fully registered with their regulatory body to provide our patients with the finest care.