Matt Ward

Level 5 Sports Therapist

Matt’s obsession with fitness started early. Playing for the Old Saltleian’s RFC for the entirety of his youth, he developed a love for drills aimed at improving strength and speed, and became an excellent team player. Matt went on to train with British Military Fitness in more recent years.

Matt’s approach to fitness is rooted in the body weight drill style exercises he learnt in his youth, honed and adapted to cover all levels of fitness from beginners to experts. By pairing high intensity work outs with tailored nutritional plans, Matt can get the best training out of his clients.

Once Matt completed his Level 5 Sports Therapy Diploma, he transferred all his exercise and sports experience to look at effective treatments for his clients. Working within the clinical environment has given Matt an edge over the average Sports Therapist, and he is able to deliver precise and bespoke treatment plans for both Sports Injury and Sports Performance clients.


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