What causes your neck pain?

I became a Sports Therapist following years of neck and shoulder pain. It wasn’t from an acute injury but years of neglect. I took my neck for granted and the sports I chose to do added to the issue. Looking up at a rock climbing wall for years unfortunately created a nasty situation where I couldn’t move my left arm for months, ouch! The pain was debilitating and affected every aspect of my life. I’m always keen to help others avoid the pain I experienced by educating them about self care!


What I have found is people create ‘barriers’ for not doing exercises, not correcting posture, not counteracting the 8hours seated, forward head position that comes with work and driving. Have you heard yourself saying, “I haven’t got time”, “I’m not sure if I’m doing the exercises correctly”, “I’m embarrassed to go to a class”, are you putting everything else ahead of your health?

In our busy lives finding time for Self-care is paramount. For most people it is a lack of consistency that is the problem, until the pain is so unbearable they have to get treatment or take copious amounts of pain killers. Prevention is so much better than cure! 


Katy’s Story

Katy has been proactive and dedicated to changing her routine and getting rid of her neck pain. It was keeping her up at night and she had to stop doing her exercise classes. I know from experience, when my neck is bad, I am miserable, it is constant, nagging and debilitating. 

Her aim has been to reduce tension in her neck and shoulders and prevent the pain coming back. The key is being consistent:

1. Regular treatment – massage or physical therapy. We recommend a maintenance programme of one treatment every 6weeks. 

2. Regular exercises at home – an easy, quick routine to stretch and strengthen muscles and joints.

3. Regular Pilates class – dedicated time with an instructor to enhance your knowledge and improve your body awareness. 

4. Regular movement of spine – have breaks from desk or driving. 

5. Regular realignment of head and spine reducing muscle tension. Take note of your position whilst driving or at your desk and encourage your head to be in line with your spine and length in your neck to reduce compression and tight muscles. 

It’s so rewarding when a client sees progress and takes their health into their own hands. Seeking guidance from professionals such as Sports therapists, Osteopaths or Pilates instructors gives you the knowledge to manage your pain and work towards healing and preventing that pain returning. We are here for you, break the barriers and focus on your health in 2020!


Katy says:

“I’m so pleased with the reduction in my neck pain. I always feel a benefit from Michelle’s massages and now I have the tools to stop the pain coming back. I was nervous to try Pilates, but after a one-to-one with my instructor I know it’s going to be really helpful!” 

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