Margaret Tyrell has lost over 1 stone in weight and 24cm on our 6 week weight loss programme!

This is a fantastic achievement; she is fitter and faster on her road bike, and loves how she looks! The secret to her success is simple – dedication.

Margaret had goals to reach, a party to attend and a holiday coming up. These goals are so helpful when you’re starting out on a weight loss plan. Set yourself goals, short, medium and long term. The combination of regular exercise and healthy eating is as simple as it comes.

Be good to yourself, make some lifestyle changes, change your habits and enjoy your food. This bit is key – enjoy your food and you will not feel deprived or tempted by foods full of sugar and empty calories. Margaret took my advice and experimented with her diet – tried some new things including falafel and salmon, these foods are full of protein and nutritionally dense, keeping you fuller for longer and less likely to reach for the biscuit tin! Keeping a food diary helps – you write down everything you eat and drink and this keeps you on track!

Margaret has now lost nearly 2 stone and is still aiming for a further 6 pounds. Her positive attitude has also been the key to her success. Weight loss is a journey (excuse the cliche!) There are ups and downs, good weeks and bad.

Here at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic we offer support and understanding and customise our exercise programmes and diet plans for your individual needs. We make exercise fun, I promise! And, making that change is easy with our help.