I had my first baby last year and had some pelvic pain through the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Because of my work as a massage therapist and walking my dogs every day,it put a lot of pressure on my pelvis as my bump increased. I love to be active and have always walked, played Netball, Rock climbed and practised Yoga – so that meant during my pregnancy walking was my main activity and having dogs to walk helped get me out in all weathers.

The pelvic pain experienced by pregnant women varies and can be debilitating as well as painful. Mine was focused in my lower back and I also experienced some SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), the joint at the front of your pubis, ouch!

I knew I had options, many women decrease their activity, seek medical advice, physio or in the worse case scenarios they use braces, crutches and wheelchairs. My pelvic pain was uncomfortable and as it got worse I began walking funny, which I knew was only going to get more and more out of control. At about 24 weeks I knew I had to be proactive. I had Osteopathy with Emily every other week, did my gentle exercises and Yoga and walked for 30 minutes at a time more regularly rather than long walks.

This meant that I walked my dogs on the day I went into labour (2 weeks overdue!).  I would walk out of the room with a spring in my step after waddling in for a treatment!

A combination of manual therapy by an experienced practitioner, exercise guidance and posture awareness can keep you moving and help you through your labour. Don’t suffer through your pregnancy, speak to our practitioners who can design a treatment plan for you.

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