The key to not piling on the pounds at Christmas is simply Moderation!

If you’ve worked hard all year to lose weight don’t let Christmas undo all your efforts. You can enjoy yourself and maintain your weight at this time of year by following the advice below:

  1. Don’t get Hungry!
    Avoid turning up hungry to a party or meal because it is much harder to avoid temptation when hungry and you will over indulge in one too many pastries from the Beige buffet or end up ordering extra sides!
  2. Avoid the Beige Buffet!
     All those heavily processed foods play havoc with your insulin levels, increasing fat storage; nobody wants that!! Aim for the meats and a little cheese – high in protein and fills you up!
  3. Skip the chutney and fruit!
    Chutney is very high in sugar and “more-ish” so try cheese on a celery stick or an oat cake cracker and keep it to a minimum.
  4. More Turkey, Less Roast Potatoes!
    Fill your plate with green veg and turkey and have just one roast potato. Roasted root vegetables are very high in sugar and calories, so stick to your greens.
  5. Slow down and be Selective! 
    When it comes to alcohol, Moderation is the absolute key. Try to stick to drinks with lower calories and drink water in between rounds. The more you drink, the more likely you are to over indulge in the Beige Buffet, order a dessert, eat a kebab on the way home and then feed your hangover with a takeaway the following day – a slippery slope to gaining half a stone in a weekend!! Be merry, but be selective.
  6. Invest in your Health!
    Making healthy choices over Christmas and into the New Year will help you to lose weight and get in to a good exercise routine for 2018. Our Personal Trainers are fully qualified to help you reach your weight loss goals. Combining a customised exercise and eating plan to suit you. Making the investment to start Personal Training with us is very motivating to put the Christmas chocolates down and refuse the Christmas Pudding, make 2018 the year you look after you!
Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!
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