So, Christmas is right around the corner and you’re worried about gaining weight over the festivities. You’re scared about peer pressure from friends and family, and you’re not prepared for the train-wreck the extra food and alcohol will make of your year of hard work.

Now, I will never, and have never, told any client that they can’t enjoy themselves over Christmas with food and alcohol. But what I do tell my clients is to be smart about it with a few key pointers that will surely help anyone reduce the amount of damage over this period.


Going out for a Christmas meal? Then look at the menu beforehand. This is a good tip for eating out in general. Look at the menu online, know what you’re going to have, know how many calories are in the food you’ll be consuming and prep the rest of your day around it. This may well mean having smaller portions for your other meals that day, but again it’ll reduce the number of calories you’ll be consuming to try and prevent weight gain.

Designated Driver

Afraid of what alcohol might do to you? Then drive. No one (or at least no one who is smart and cares about you) will encourage you to drink if you drive. It’s the perfect excuse to not drink alcohol and you’ll ensure your friends make it home safe after the night is done. Who needs alcohol to have fun anyway? The reduced alcohol intake will reduce the calories, and ensure you’re in the right frame of mind to train the day after and make those gains in the gym!


Just because it’s the Christmas period doesn’t mean that your training stops. Gyms will still be open as usual, plus they’ll be dead so all the equipment is yours to play with. It’s the perfect time to train before January “New Year New Me” people.

But what if the gym is only open during restricted hours during Christmas? Well there’s always the park for a walk or jog. Can’t get to the park? Then do something at home. A quick half hour HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout will always be available to you wherever you are, and can burn LOADS of calories.

Need motivation? Hire a Personal Trainer. This time of the year many PTs have free time due to clients being busy over Christmas, so they can squeeze new clients in.


It’s important to get back on track soon after Christmas with healthy eating. Enjoy your break, but come back to your good nutrition after, and you won’t be battling the pounds off again in the summer. Get back to your normal meals, preparing healthy food at home. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll be sure to reduce the damage over Christmas and be fighting fit for before January.

Good Luck!

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