Setting yourself a fitness goal is one thing, but achieving it is quite the other. So many people join the gym with the best intentions, and six months later they’ve made no progress. They weigh the same, they look the same, they feel the same. Why don’t they get the results they were hoping for? It usually boils down to one, or a combination of, the following –


Lacking Commitment

Commitment to personal training sessions is key. Not only do you need to attend these hour sessions with your trainer, but you also need to be putting in the hours outside of the sessions as well.

Most people complain that they’re too busy to exercise or get into a gym due to work or other commitments. But just by doing some simple maths we know this simply isn’t true for most people. There’s 168 hours in one week and let’s assume you work a typical 40 hours a week and sleep roughly 56 hours a week. That’s a potential 72 hours in just one week that you could be either getting into the gym or getting a session with your trainer. If you break down your week, you will almost always be able to find times that suit you to train.

A good way to commit to your fitness is to book in a group or bundle of sessions with a personal trainer. That way you’ve paid for your training in advance and will be more likely to commit, as well as having someone else there to help you out along the road.


Lacking Motivation

I’ve heard many people say that they really want to see results after going to the gym, but when they’re at home or even during their session, they don’t feel motivated.

A big part of seeing the results you want is getting that motivation so you can strive forward to greatness. For me, my motivation is the fact I know I can do better and be better than what I currently am in as many things as possible. I never am for perfection, just a bit better.

For some people watching things like the Olympics can motivate them. For other people it’s their family, work, friends or health. Whatever your motivation is, we need to discover it and keep it at the forefront of every decision you make to re-establish it.


Not having Accountability

You don’t need to do this journey alone. Whilst at the end of the day you’re in control of your own decisions you can share some of the load with someone else.

This could be a friend that you train with every week and make a routine of it. Or this could be a personal trainer. That way you and the third party will both be accountable to turning up to sessions together and making sure you’re working to your limit. Many personal trainers may ask for pictures of you training, or following your nutrition plan.


Not having a Plan

Whatever your goal is, you need a plan. You need to know how you’re going to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. If you’re not sure, ask. There is always help out there, weather that be a simple google search or asking a personal trainer for a set plan for you to follow. Obviously not everyone is the same, so everyone needs a different plan. Without doubt the best way to see the results you need is by hiring a personal trainer, who knows what you are and aren’t capable of and will take you step by step to help you gain confidence in taking your training into your own hands.


Not understanding the value vs cost of Personal Training

Personal training sessions aren’t always affordable for everyone, but there are ways around it.

Many personal trainers have a large social media platform and will often post videos and workout plans onto their social media for you guys to give a go, often targeting a certain area, e.g. abs, glutes, arms etc.

If you’re not sure how much personal training sessions are, ask. Prices can range anywhere from as little as £25 per session. Many personal trainers will also have different offers and deals, such as paying for X amount of sessions and getting one free, or training with a friend at a reduced cost so you and your friend can share the price and still see results together. There are so many personal trainers out there with different deals, you just need to get in contact with them and see which one is best for you and your goals for the future.

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