A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the Paleo diet. If you haven’t read it check it out here. It got me thinking… What would happen if I gave it a go?

Could it help my clients achieve their goals?

Before I started on the 18th September I set some ground rules which are as follows:

  • No grainy carbs
  • No dairy
  • No junk foods or processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • One cheat meal a week
  • Only be taking Whey Protein supplements

“How difficult could this be?” I foolishly thought.

First week was easily the most difficult. I had recently just got back from holiday in Italy, where I ate a lot of pizza, pasta and beer. So, changing to this diet over night was tough. I was tired, low on energy, sleepy and really struggled to do weight training. My source of energy (carbs) were low. I began to get frustrated at the little things in day to day life. “Maybe I’m doing this wrong” I thought.

For breakfast I’d be having scrambled egg, and for lunch and dinner it would be meat with salad. So, I just took a step back, calculated the number of calories I was consuming and decided to make some small adjustments.

Second week, I made the changes

I added more to my breakfast with ham, chorizo, spinach and peppers.

I’d start snacking on a bit of fruit during the day.

And started making my dinners a lot more adventurous by trying out new recipes, and sometimes using sweet potatoes.

I also started training in the evenings rather that early afternoons. I had a lot more energy by that time in the day. Sure, the gym was busier, but could socialise more as well.

At the end of just the second week I was feeling great! I felt healthier! I haven’t checked my body-fat percentage yet, but just by looking in the mirror I can tell it’s gone down. Another change was in my taste buds. I’ve started to really enjoy foods I would otherwise not be bothered about. I also started to not like certain foods like grainy cereal, which I would have enjoyed.

As of writing this blog, I’m only half way through my third week and plan to keep going for another 3. At which time I’ll be recording my weight and body-fat percentage again to see what the results are. Although so far so good!

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