We’ve got some exciting news!

In an attempt to streamline the way our clients interact with the services we offer from the clinic, we’re launching a brand new website, social media, and blog strictly for Ebrook Fitness.

Ebrook Fitness will encompass the Personal Training and Rehabilitation Exercise services our patients already enjoy at the clinic, but provide a broader base to expand our fitness services from.

For anyone who attended one of our Bootcamp classes this year, we want to say a big, big THANK YOU! The project gave us such a good insight into the fitness industry, and we learnt so much about the scope of fitness in the community.

Sadly, with Matt’s Sports Therapy diploma ramping up, and with his ENT surgery now scheduled before the end of 2018, it has become unfeasible to continue the Bootcamps for the rest of the year.

From the Ebrook Fitness site we hope to launch a broader range of new classes in 2019, so please do keep in touch! We’re taking everything we’ve learnt so far, consolidating it, and bringing you something bigger and better than before!

You can keep up to date on developments on social media.

Find us on facebook.com/ebrookfitness

And on Instgram at @ptmattward

www.ebrookfitness.co.uk is expected to launch before the end of 2018 – a site for personal training and nutritional information, and blogs for the latest in health and fitness. Watch this space!