Marathon season is almost upon us, with London coming up at the end of April. Training programmes are getting intense, and although the end is in sight – the potential for injury preventing performance on the day is still high!


Here are my top tips for effective marathon preparation, to see you through to the finish line…


Stay Calm

Marathon distance races are as much of a mental challenge as they are a physical one. Try to reduce stresses in your last 4 weeks of training, and stay calm! Many a marathon effort has been thwarted by negative thinking!

Make a concerted effort to think about how you would like the run to pan out. Envisage yourself at the finish line, and use this as motivation and to help you focus your efforts in the last portion of your training programme.



Food and Drink

Ensure you’re properly fuelled for the last few distance-building runs on your programme. This is your opportunity to tinker with your fuel and learn what works for you. The long runs in your training schedule should be prepared for at least 24 hours in advance by taking on extra nutrition and hydration to make sure you have the energy to go the distance.

Long runs are also a great time to work out if you need a little bit of extra fuel mid-run, and if so, what should it be? Energy gels and jelly sweets are popular – but you have to find something you can personally tolerate during exercise.



Find the right kit

It’s time to perfect your kit. There’s no sense at all in running your marathon in brand new trainers – you have to be sure they suit you. Equally, your shoes that have taken a battering through your many, many training miles probably aren’t up to the task either.

Time to give a new pair a little wear-in before the race; 4-5 weeks pre-race is perfect timing!