I recently had the great pleasure and honour to watch the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) play Dvorak’s new world symphony.  It was, thanks to the masterful architecture of the Symphony Hall, an absolute treat . No detail, however quiet, was lost but carried on to the ear. I went to see the Orchestra not only for the delight of sound but also out of professional curiosity. It was actually not easy not to be distracted by masterful playing but there were a few points that I noticed anyway. The one was that despite the fact that there are so many people with the same instrument, there was a great variety of postures and hand holds. There is obviously a wide variety of people in the orchestra but quite a few instruments can adapt to that. One person might hold the violin bow higher than another, one cello may have its endpin extended to near limit whilst another just half way.

The other thing that caught my eye was that seemingly older players (I am now generalising everyone by calling those with lighter hair as older, apology) seemed to have the better posture whilst playing. I have at the moment no idea why that is the case. One reason may be that older players have had more coaching. Another that they were the few that managed to keep fit and healthy throughout their career to continue playing at master level. In any case, the concert sparked my curiosity and will to learn more abut players and posture in the orchestral setting for the future.

Many thanks to the CBSO!

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