We were so delighted to have the early September article from the Pilates Lounge Blog to feature as our very first Guest Editor.

The Pilates Lounge has been serving the local community in Sutton Coldfield since 2014; providing Pilates, Yoga, Barre and TRX classes every day of the week. Their beautiful studio is located at 32a High Street in the heart of the town, opposite the Three Tuns Pub. 

Here’s what they had to say about Sports Massage at our clinic…

Professional athletes swear by sports massage but the benefits are not just for pro’s.  

Benefits include:

Improved performance

Reduced pain

Injury Prevention

Shorter recovery time

Manual assistance encourages blood flow to promote circulation.  The increased blood circulation helps relieve muscle tension while fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue promotes removal of toxins resulting in a speedier recovery.  Studies from New Zealand Institute of Sport and Recreation Research found changes in the parasympathetic system activity after a massage show a relation response and improvement of mood.  This obviously can contribute to our wellbeing so it’s not just all the physical wonders it does but also the psychological powers it has too!

All of these benefits are only apparent however if the technique is good and you are being treated by experienced professionals.  This is why we choose Ebrook Osteopathy. We know with Emily and her team we are in the best possible hands. They listen and so understand our needs making them equipped to use their extensive knowledge to treat us.  If you’re training intensely, we would recommend a weekly visit, if moderately training a regular visit every 3-4 weeks should keep you in best form. It is recommended you include flexibility in your programme as well as regular foam rolling to maintain benefits.

Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic are on Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield – right next to Costa (bonus!) You can book in online or contact here www.ebrookosteopathy.co.uk

If you would like to find out more about Pilates Lounge please visit


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