It’s my first day of work experience at Ebrook and I’m already enjoying it.

I came here because I’m interested in what this kind of job entails and what it’s like to work face to face and hands on with a client. Work experience can just be something to put on you CV, however it’s still important to do something that interests you so that it will help with decisions in the future.  I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about the business and become more experienced for later life.

As most fifteen-year olds, I have no clue what I want to do as an adult, when I was told at school to do two weeks of work experience I didn’t know where to start! Teachers said that it’s a good way to see what different careers are like. It’s a way of exploring different jobs without committing to anything. You can dip your toe in the water without taking the full plunge. In fact, I spoke to a patient today and they said that not knowing what to do is the best way to be!

I thought that if I did a variety of placements I might find something that motivates me. Last week I spent my time at an accountant: sitting at an office, sifting through tax returns and receipts-this week will definitely be different!

I’m looking forward to this week at Ebrook because of how different it will be, I’ve already spoken to patients and been taught how the online system works. I also feel much more proactive and useful-I’m doing things that are more worthwhile and I’ve even been given the opportunity to shadow some treatments, so I can experience what it’s really like. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have an idea If this is the type of job I want to do.

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