Emily Ward graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2014, returning to her home town, Sutton Coldfield and establishing the Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic that same year. Being 22, Emily didn’t have experience or business acumen to draw upon, but began a steep learning curve, putting her energy into developing her clinic as a sustainable form of self-employment.


Through her efforts, Emily has been rewarded with a thriving community practice, which now sustains 3 Osteopaths, 5 Sports Therapists and 3 Administrators. Emily’s commitment to developing her team led to the relocation of the clinic to larger premises in 2018, becoming the largest and best established Osteopathic clinic in Sutton Coldfield after just 5 years of practice.




Emily’s practice exceeded expectations for growth in more than just the physical size. Due to demand for appointments, practitioners operate 6 days a week, and until 9pm three nights a week. Under Emily’s direction, the clinic has experienced an 800% growth in appointments, comparing year 1 to 5.


Emily has cultivated a beautiful and relaxing clinical environment for her Associates; carefully restoring the 400-year-old former Rectory into a well-appointed, modern clinic. The clinic boasts 3 treatment rooms, as well as a full-fitted rehabilitation gym.s.  Such facilities ensure that a close relationship between treatment and active exercise are always available.


Emily’s Associates also benefit from an extensive reference library, from which they can borrow resources to aid their continued learning, at their leisure. Associates are encouraged to request materials from the clinic’s budget, so that all can benefit.


Emily’s achievements as a business owner can be attested to her relationship with her Associates. A supportive environment has been the keystone to the clinic’s success, with all Associates feeling appreciated and valued. The clinic operates with a clear scale of progression, with all Associates working to it equally. The system is designed this way to give Associates equal opportunities, with achievable goals, and a sense of camaraderie.


“ As Head of Practice, Emily does a phenomenal job of looking after her associates by not only providing a fabulous work space and learning environment, but also a much need piece of cake and coffee to boost energy and morale” Hans Sturm, Associate Osteopath


“Emily is a fantastic principle, who not only gives support but guidance and motivation. She has supported me from right after I graduated and joined her clinic. She has helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills, as well as helping to build my confidence and grow as a practitioner.” Samantha Owen, Associate Osteopath


“Emily is so passionate and dedicated to helping all of her clients and colleagues in every way. The clinic is a wonderful place to work and that’s because Emily has worked so hard to create a friendly and welcoming environment. I am amazed by her energy and drive; it is a pleasure to be on her team” Michelle D’Arcy, Sports Therapist


Emily’s support of Osteopaths goes beyond the mentorship she extends to her own Associates. After the regional support group for osteopaths in the Midlands had been dormant for many years, Emily contacted the General Osteopathic Council to form a new one. With their approval, Emily established the Midland Osteopathic Society; a free community, networking and learning group.

Emily used her community connections to organise talks from the GOsC, and other local healthcare professionals, including GPs and Midwives. Emily has developed and delivered CPD courses, and all of these events are free for her Associates to attend.


“Thank you for taking the lead on this Emily… Couldn’t think of a better person to be team leader.” Jayne Coxon, Lichfield Osteopathic Practice.

Midland Osteopathic Society can be found at www.midostsoc.co.uk


Emily’s relationships with healthcare and fitness professionals in the Midland region have provided her Associates with an abundance of confident referrals; from GPs, midwives, Pilates teachers, surgeons, sports coaches and health visitors. Emily champions an integrated approach to healthcare; in which she sees Osteopaths included in the medical community, rather than being alternative or complimentary.

Having developed a reputation for education and supporting professional development, Emily has been asked to speak for the Birmingham Metropolitan College for Access to Science, advising students on further study for Osteopathy.


Emily has accrued a notable following within the wider Osteopathic profession, through her use of social media, around 2000 followers over various platforms, which she uses to promote her clinic, her associates, and her profession as a whole. Emily does this as she understands the need for Osteopathy to be brought into the public consciousness, and to be promoted as an evidence-based allied health profession. Emily’s social feeds are on Instagram and Facebook @ebrookosteopathy


Emily is committed to building her clinic’s reputation as a centre of excellence, by conducting regular patient audits, feedback questionnaires and analysing key performance indicators, to the benefit of her Associates. Emily understands that monitoring and improving the standards of patient care and service is an integral factor in building a thriving practice that can stand the test of time. The results of the 2018 internal audit can be viewed at https://www.ebrookosteopathy.co.uk/emily-ward/2018-patient-survey-results/


Within the clinic, Emily encourages all her Associates to take an active role. Associates have an open forum to discuss ideas for improvement to the clinic, equipment, services and processes – discussed for the benefit of all working there. Associates are encouraged to contribute to the clinic’s online blog, which is an excellent platform for promotion to particular patient groups that interest them; the blogs gain readers when shared by Emily with the appropriate local networks online.


In return for the progressive and nurturing working environment Emily has created for her team, they in turn champion and support Emily in her continued efforts to expand the clinic, and help it thrive.

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