Hello, I am Ellie. Today I am here on work experience to really understand the how the service of osteopathy works. Whilst I was here, the team and I got to thinking about how different generations behave differently in their teenage years.

We spoke about how generation Z (the current generation) is way more enthusiastic about the gym, exercise and a general healthy lifestyle at such a young age compared to generation Y and the Baby Boomers.

Did you know that 41 percent of Generation Z stated that they would be willing to pay more for healthier products, 26 percent of Generation X’ers (1965-1979) stated they would pay more for healthy food and 16 percent of those in the Silent Generation (1925-1945) made a similar claim?

But why do Generation z want to live a healthier lifestyle at such a young age where as the past generations didn’t really bother with such a healthy lifestyle at a young age?

Well I believe it is down to the influence of social media. Surely this should be a good thing models from Victoria secret, ASOS and even just Instagram show off their figures and the routine they use to achieve this, ultimately leading us to follow this routine so we can achieve this aspirational physique.

However, this in turn could be an unhealthy way of living, as we strive to achieve such figures that are unrealistic as they may be edited or photo shopped; leading us to really control our food and exercise in an unhealthy manner.

So, is it such a great thing that young people are living by such a strict regime in terms of food and exercise? The answer is yes if they get the right balance and still go out and eat a pizza or a chocolate bar once in a while and not be so upset if you miss a fitness class every so often.

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