Our clinic will have been going for five years this summer, and the sings of age are starting to show! Our branding and logo came at no expense in the first instance, as I had cobbled them together myself in a very ammeter way.

Over the years the clinic has grown from me as a lone practitioner, to a large team of multi-disciplinary practitioners and admin staff. It was time for a fresh new look that reflected our practice as it is today, rather than the small start-up it was 5 years ago.


We got in touch with Warwick and Penny from Adventure Graphics to help us redefine our look. They came up to the clinic from their nearby offices on Midland Drive to get an idea of what our business is about and get to know the team.

Over the next few weeks, Warwick designed concepts for both the Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic logo, and it’s sister company Ebrook Fitness. It was so interesting to develop the ideas, and there was no detail too small to be discussed and perfected.


The overhaul of our clinic’s branding is one of the first steps our team are taking to refresh the look of the business ahead of it’s fifth birthday in the summer, and we can’t wait to unveil the products of Warwick’s hard work!

Find out more about Adventure Graphics by clicking here.