Although this winter has been particularly mild, the dark, cold, wet weather is upon us and starting to interfere with our workouts!  The clocks have gone back, so any outdoor fitness is difficult, and even if you muster the courage against the dark, there’s still the temperature to contend with. Here are my top tips for finding motivation for a winter workout…


All the Gear…

Investing in the right tool for the job is vital when it comes to workout clothing. I only have one running jacket at the moment – it’s a windbreaker with waterproofing against light rain. I will need to invest in another before the end of the winter – a thicker one to keep me warm, with the right amount of stretch to run in, and vents to let the steam out! Gloves and a hat will also be needed for frosty mornings!


Switch it up!

Typically, I like to exercise at the end of the day, but a morning workout can really clear your head. I work better on days that I exercise before arriving at the clinic – and now’s the time to take advantage of the day light savings by getting up with the lark. It’s a sensible way to get more fresh air and daylight hours in at this time of year, and can also help with the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


Take it indoors

It might sound too easy, but joining a cheap, non-contract gym for the winter is not a get out clause. It still requires effort to go, but at least it’s not as miserable as pounding the pavements in the dark. There are loads to choose from in and around Birmingham now, and many are open 24 hours a day – great for shift workers trying to stay fit!

You know what they say… Summer bodies are earned in the Winter. Best of luck!