The renovations of 3 Coleshill Street are well under way, and we’re almost ready to move into our new home… Luckily, we have stayed on track so far, but it’s certainly the case that things are looking worse before they look better!


We’ve ripped out the boiler, old water heaters, the kitchen and bathrooms, ripped up the floor, taken out just over 40 phone ports (why?!) and hundreds of metres of unnecessary telephone cables. The skip is full!!


We’ve gained a treatment room by putting up a wall, and we’ve had all manner of tradespeople in –


Opening up the fireplaces, we’ve found abandoned tools, newspapers from the 1990s, and a mummified pigeon! (That made me scream and phone my partner Callum to help me, but he just chased me round the car park for 20 minutes with the bird on an old carpet tile. It’s only funny in retrospect…)


The paint colours and new flooring have been chosen, and we’re slowly starting to organise ourselves in our current Boldmere Road clinic, ready to move. It’s amazing that in such a small space we’ve managed to hoard so much over the last 4 years!


So, bit by bit we’re getting there! Our team are so excited to have a larger, better functioning clinic to work from – and we’re even more excited to welcome our patients there in August!

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