Since moving house in October last year, I was determined to make getting to work part of my fitness routine. Walking was great, but it was taking way too long, and I was finding too many excuses not to do it. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to be brave and buy a bicycle.


When I lived in London, I came very close to becoming a cycle commuter, but the number of white body tents on the notoriously dangerous stretch of road – Long Lane and Tower Bridge Road, for those familiar with the SE16 postcode – seriously put me off. Now I am back in the relatively rural climbs of Sutton Coldfield, I didn’t have that excuse any more.


I did my research and settled on a Bobbin Hummingbird. I like the values of this British brand, and was immediately drawn in by the classic look of the bike. Almost a hybrid between a road bike and a Dutch style town bike; it doesn’t look so frivolous as their original Birdie design, and the light alloy frame makes for an easy commute.


It took longer to assemble than expected, but that was mostly due to the lack of tools in my house. In the end, I took the bike to the guys at Sutton Runner, and they corrected a lot of mistakes my boyfriend and I had made in trying to put it together at home. I would definitely recommend professional assistance in the construction of your bike, if you’re not at an expert level yourself – just save yourself the aggravation!


And as easy as that I was on the road. The last time I rode a bike was 5 years ago, and I had lost a shocking amount of confidence! A super tight grip on the handle bars, wobbly steering and nervously squeezing the brakes as soon as I built up any momentum.

But as the week went on, I became more comfortable. I’m conscious not to go too fast on my trip through the park – as you never know what dogs or children might be about – but it still cuts my commuting time in half compared to walking.


I’m enjoying having 15 minutes at the beginning and end of every working day to organise my mind. I don’t listen to music when I’m cycling because a portion of my journey is on the road, where I need to be aware. But once I’m in the park, I can listen to the birds and let my brain relax.


If you’ve got the opportunity to make your commute to work more active, I highly recommend it!

Take the scenic route!


Find out more about the Bobbin Hummingbird here –


Find out more about Sutton Runner here –

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