There was a really interesting article on the BBC the other day, talking about the health risks of becoming a parent for the first time. It’s a period of great change in someone’s life, as they take on the big responsibility of looking after a child. It’s also a time where your body might not be at it’s best, but is expected to take on great challenges – from carrying a car seat, to the midnight feeds, we explore the perils of becoming a new mom.

Feeling Loose
During pregnancy and lactation, the body produces a hormone called Relaxin, which helps our soft tissues, particularly ligaments, to become looser and more supple. This is great when you’re just about to give birth, but afterwards? All this fetching and carrying would be easier with ligaments that worked a bit better! New moms may be more vulnerable to ligament injury for this reason.

Car-seat Calamity
Who designed these things? Three times as heavy as the baby they’re carrying, bulky, awkward to clip in and out, and can only be carried in one hand, held out to the side of your body? A literal biomechanical nightmare!
Strained lower backs trying to get the blasted things into the rear seat of the car, strained shoulders and necks from carrying them any distance… Don’t blame yourself if you get an injury, it’s almost inevitable!

Feeding Fiascos
Holding a baby up to feed can be a strain on the neck and shoulders of new moms, especially as your baby gains weight. Some babies have a real preference to the side they feed on, which can put more strain on one side of mom’s body than the other. Try a feeding pillow to take up some of the strain.

New moms can be treated by the osteopath with confidence after their post-partum check, without the need for a referral, so if you’re struggling with aches and pains, don’t hesitate to get in touch!