December is a notorious time for poor health – with the festive parties, more eating and drinking, next-to-no daylight and flu season in full swing, it’s no wonder most of us feel pretty grotty by the time it’s over.

Here are my top tips for maintaining your health and learning self-care for the Christmas season.


Decide your Limit

If you’re going to a Christmas party, decide your limit before you go. If you’ve got a busy day the next day, the last thing you need is a fuzzy head. There’s a bit of being a grown-up in this one, obviously.

Keeping alcohol consumption at the lower end saves on the extra calorific intake, and also leaves you fresh enough to continue with your usual exercise regimen the next day. If you know you have a party coming up, reorganise your training for that week to accommodate a rest day after the party, or switch your workout to a LISS style walk in the park to blow the cobwebs away.



The Scandinavian tradition of hygge (hoo-ga) is a word that doesn’t translate well into English… It essentially describes the lovely, cosy, satisfaction of being curled up indoors in Winter. Think blankets, hot drinks, a roaring fire and you’re there. Most people think it’s the sensation of drinking a four thousand calorie hot chocolate – and I can’t say that doesn’t always help…!

If you’re rushing around filling festive obligations, a little hygge could do you good. Learn to prioritise your tasks, and say no to things you don’t want to do.


Preventative Action

The best defence is a good offense! So, get your vitamin C powder at the ready!

Nothing helps a cold like preventative action. That means hand sanitiser, first defence nasal sprays, and vitamin C and zinc supplements. You’ll thank yourself later when everyone else has been taken down by the festive flu!