Samantha Owen joined Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic as a new graduate from the European School of Osteopathy in July 2017. Coming as a new graduate, Samantha was receptive of any guidance she could take to refine her practice and professionalism; quickly adopting the clinic’s ethos of treating for health, as well as those with pain and injury.


Samantha’s integration into our team at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic was easy because of her commitment to excellent patient care and customer service. These qualities have won Samantha a devoted patient base, who highly praise her approach to treatment.

Samantha’s keen local following of patients has enabled her to spend more time each week working from the Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic, going from two half days a week in 2017, to recently making our clinic her sole place of full time work.


In evidence of her hard work and determination, in July 2019 Samantha treated some 110 patients, double the number of patients for the same period in July 2018. These numbers exemplify the reputation Samantha has built as a practitioner locally in the first part of her career.

“I have had the benefit of being treated by Samantha, I have found her to be a careful listener, who grasps the cause of any physical problems that are aggravating me, and bases the treatment around those issues accordingly with good results.” Jennifer Mac, patient.


Samantha has a special interest in treating the paediatric population, particularly young athletes. When Samantha joined Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic she brought a new skill set to the practice, Cranial Osteopathy, enabling the clinic to develop its practice for babies and children.

“Samantha was brilliant treating our baby grandson. Before treatment he was unsettled and often in pain but now he is so much calmer and happier.” Elizabeth Fenwick


In 2010, ahead of her Team GB trials, leading ultimately to a place on the Canoe Team for the London 2012 Olympic Games, Samantha had an injury during slalom training, impacting her brachial plexus, requiring two surgeries, the removal of her first rib, and extensive rehabilitation programme to recover.

Samantha didn’t make the trials, and consequently the Olympics, but she did discover a love for the life-changing effect physical therapy can have on a young athlete, and began her studies at the European School of Osteopathy the following year.


Samantha has endeavoured to refine her practice for young athletes by engaging in continued professional learning after graduation. She recently attended the Midland Orthopaedic Group workshop on the Juvenile Knee and Knee Presentations in Young Athlete Populations workshop at the Barber Institute of Birmingham University; where top Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine specialists from the Midlands Region presented the latest evidence for optimising treatment and rehabilitation plans for young athletes. Samantha uses these newly gained skills, alongside her deep empathy and understanding of the mind of a young athlete to help her patients recover from pain and injury, refine their craft, and perform better in the sports they love.


Samantha has also attended courses at the London School of Osteopathy with notable paediatric Osteopath, Miranda Clayton. Wanting to continue to learn from one of the foremost thinkers in the field of paediatric osteopathy, Samantha has booked the follow on to Miranda Clayton’s “Miserable Baby” to attend later in 2019.

It is Samantha’s commitment to ever refining her practical skills, communication and patient care skills and academic knowledge that makes her a truly stand-out Associate Osteopath, and an invaluable asset to our clinic.

Samantha wrote about her experience for the clinic’s website;


Samantha’s willingness to engage in clinical duties to the benefit of the whole practice is second to none. In 2018 Samantha wrote an informative and accessible Mother and Baby blog series to encourage more of her favoured patient groups into the clinic.

Samantha understands the importance of presenting herself to our local community as a professional, trusted point of advice – she is as much as an advocate of our clinic, as she is to the whole of the Osteopathic profession.

Samantha brings such positivity to our clinic, she has an optimism and enthusiasm for Osteopathy that is infectious and really motivates us all” Hans Sturm, Associate Osteopath


Samples of Samantha’s blogs can be viewed at the following;


Since her arrival at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic two years ago, Samantha has engaged fully in all aspects of clinical life, improved her practice exponentially, and continues to receive praise and wide acclaim from every patient she encounters.

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