Our team were so lucky last week to spend the afternoon with Clare from the Pilates Lounge in Sutton Coldfield, learning all about the studio’s new Reformer Pilates Classes.

Pilates Lounge have invested in 4 brand new Balanced Body Reformer machines, a state of the art piece of exercise equipment, suitable for everyone from experienced users and beginners alike.

The Reformer at first glance is a platform within a frame, moved with pulleys against the resistance of 5 springs. The Reformer is the original piece of Pilates apparatus, designed in it’s first form by Joseph Pilates himself.


The modern Reformer can be used to guide Pilates practice to achieve greater control of movement than standard mat Pilates, or to increase the challenge of certain moves by working against the resistance of the springs.


There is something incredibly satisfying about pushing against the springs during the sequences of movement Clare guides us through, like being on a very controlled trampoline.


There are over 500 exercises, ranging around all muscle groups of the body. The Reformer ensures a full body workout, without overstraining.

Pilates is heralded as a wonder work out for those with lower back pain, and the Reformer is certainly the way to go for people seeking the rehabilitative properties of Pilates. The frame, straps and springs ensure the exercises are performed with great form, activating muscles in the core, shoulders, hips and back to support vulnerable sites of pain and injury.


There’s no end to the creativity in teaching at the Reformer classes at Pilates Lounge, with exercises broken down to component parts, and rebuilt to the full exercise. By doing Pilates this way the full benefits for strength, stability, coordination and balance can be achieved.


If you’d like to find out more about Reformer Pilates Classes at Pilates Lounge follow the link;


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