Cheryl works in Finance, and is an avid gym-goer and runner. Here is her journey back from injury with Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic…


“I’ve been regularly exercising for a long time, going to gym classes and running in the park. Over time I had started to notice that my left hamstring and buttock muscles were tight and sore after exercise, and then after a while they seemed to be sore all the time. The bottom of my back would ache…

Because I didn’t have a specific injury, I thought the pain would just go away over time. When it didn’t, I tried going to yoga classes at the gym to stretch it out. I thought all the exercise had just made my muscles tight, and if I went to yoga that would probably fix it.

I work in an office, so I’m sat down at a desk for most of the day using a computer. I thought that might have something to do with the pain in my hip – and I have other colleagues who suffer from sciatica. It was by talking to a friend that I thought to go and see an Osteopath in the first place, as she had a similar pain which had been treated successfully by the team at Ebrook, so I followed her recommendation.

When I went to see Emily for the first time, she assessed my spine, hips and pelvis to work out what the problem was. It turned out I had a difference in strength between the two sides of my body in my hamstrings, and in my glute muscles. One side had been compensating for the other in my gym classes, so I hadn’t noticed until my muscles got tired.

Emily suggested I break my work outs down for a few weeks, and work each leg individually. She said that our brains have to communicate with both legs properly to help the workload to be shared between them.

I had 3 treatments close together, coming into the clinic weekly. Emily checked the progress of my exercises and retested the strength in my legs.

I was really pleased that a pain I had for literally years had been reduced in such a comparatively short space of time, and I’ve kept the exercises up as a bit of an insurance policy!”

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