Having a baby is certainly more akin to a marathon than a sprint. From conception to the time your baby reaches 3 months old, it’s one of the biggest events a female body can undertake. Checking in with your Osteopath through your pregnancy and post-partum can be a great idea to keep on top of all the biomechanical challenges your body will face. Here’s how…


Ligament Changes

Your body is going to start producing a hormone called Relaxin during your pregnancy, to soften up your ligaments, ready for the baby to pass through your pelvis during birth. The reduction in your ligament strength can lead to an overworking of certain muscle groups; which in turn can cause muscle and joint pains. Lower back, upper back and shoulder, and pelvic pains can all be part of this group – so Osteopaths can prescribe gentle and safe exercises for pregnant ladies, so that they can reach the day of their birth feeling strong and prepared.


Water Retention

Feeling bloated, and the constant need to pee aren’t the only water problems you may encounter in pregnancy. Your body will start holding on to more water generally, so be prepared for swollen feet and ankles, or at the more extreme end of the scale, things like carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re working at a desk or computer, you might already know about the tingling tight hands and wrists can cause. Water retention in pregnancy can cause the same sort of nerve compression and discomfort. Get your body ready for birth with gentle effleurage massage techniques from an osteopath or good sports therapist.


Relaxed Mind

Hypnobirthing is a hot topic at the moment, with celebrity mums including the Duchess of Cambridge, endorsing it – but the power of positive thinking may be more potent than you think. Osteopaths are trained to encourage patients to have more autonomy over their own body and their health choices – so they can do this for their pregnant patients too. Osteopaths have the luxury of time with their patients, meaning questions or concerns can be addressed in an informal environment. If you’ve got questions about pain relief in birth, breathing exercises, or your post-birth body – your osteo will know, or know someone who does. Their knowledge is there to be used, so don’t be shy with your questions!

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