While I was in London on a course recently, I decided to make sure I got some exercise by booking into some classes. There is an abundance of boutique style fitness studios in London to choose from, so I took to social media to investigate my options…

Psycle is known for it’s cult status spin cycle classes. It’s been around since 2014, when they opened their first studio on Mortimer Street. This is where I arrive on a miserable Thursday evening, after spending the day on an anatomy refresher course. It’s been a long day of study, and I’m not quite sure how to muster the strength for a physical challenge.

The lady at reception is friendly as she checks me in, shows me the changing rooms, and the studio. The whole set up is beautiful, and every inch Instagram-worthy.

The class begins with the teacher’s bike on a podium, not unlike a stage, but more like a DJ booth in the dark room, with music and lighting controls on a panel for the instructor to set the tone for each track.

There’s a strong emphasis on mental health throughout the class – a lot of congratulating yourself for turning up, celebrating those with class mile stones (20, 50… one lady here is on her 400th ride with psycle!) and frequently commenting on “the energy in the room”…

It’s a bit cheesy, yes, but after about 10 minutes you can get into it. The class moves are simple enough to follow, with the beauty of all spin classes being you only get out what you put in. Resistance up, legs burning, sweating like a pig – it was a great workout!

As a fitness trend in London, spin cycle studios such as psycle, boomcycle and soul cycle are cropping up everywhere – and I don’t think it will be long till we see them come to Birmingham. Cleat shoes at the ready!