The title of this blog should probably read, “Pilates Lounge Summer Challenge – Part 2, the part where it all goes horribly wrong”.

As you might know if you’re a regular reader of our blog and social media pages, the clinic moved to it’s new home in time for our 4th Birthday, on the 4th August 2018. Because of this, and a few hiccups we had along the way, it was almost impossible for me to keep up with the Summer Challenge – despite work/life balance being one of the main reasons I wanted to sign up in the first place.

If you want to find out how I managed to do most of it, feel ok about it, and not beat myself up in the process, read on!



I do level 2-3 Pilates on Monday, and although I’m signed up to follow this with barre immediately after, I wimp out. It’s really hot today, and I feel dreadful. I have a million things whizzing about in my head, and I don’t even get the endorphin hit from the one class I did do. I go home and mope.

I approach the rest of the week with a calmer attitude and get yoga done on Tuesday and Friday night. By the end of the week I have a bit more energy and put my best foot forward into week 4.



I don’t make it to barre because I’m babysitting my friend’s cat (lame excuse I know…) As class starts at 20:00, I am walking up and down the garden, shaking the treat packet and calling her back – she arrives home at 20:10 and I can’t help but feel a little bit grateful as I slink home to eat potatoes..

I follow on Tuesday with Yoga, and end up in a TRX class by accident when I arrive an hour early to my class on Thursday night. Work is crazy, and my head is all over the place, but TRX seems to straighten me out. I haven’t done a TRX class for over a year, and had forgotten how much I enjoy it.



I manage to get to barre on Monday night and it helps to clear my head after a day of packing up the old clinic between patient appointments. I make it to Yoga on Tuesday; a stretchy class run by a lady called Jenny, which is really calming and just what I needed.

I have one last class planned on Friday, the day before we open the clinic – 18:30 candlelight yoga. I’ve been looking forward to laying on the mat there for the last 5 weeks, knowing the challenge is done, and the new clinic is ready to move in to…

I end up staying at the new clinic unpacking boxes until past 9pm that night and totally forget the class even existed until I come to write this blog a week later.



This challenge was definitely a great way to keep my fitness on track through a difficult time at work. Without the structure of the challenge, I know I would have had a lot more missed classes and ended up in rough shape by the time the new clinic opened. It’s helped me to remember to look after myself!

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