Pilates Lounge have an offer on currently where if you can do 20 classes in a 6 week period over the summer, you can buy your pass for just £100 – that means all the Pilates, Barre, TRX and Yoga goodness you can handle for just £5.00 a class!


I knew that in the run up to opening the new clinic location I was going to be really busy; and if experience has taught me anything it’s that exercise is the first thing I drop from my schedule when I have a lot on at work.

To avoid this becoming the case, and to preserve my sanity and social life through this busy period at work, I decided to sign up. But instead of taking the full 6 weeks to do my classes, I was going to try to get them all in before our Grand Opening on the 4th August… That’s just 5 weeks – that’s at least 4 classes a week… Let’s give it a go!



I do barre after work on Monday, then Pilates on Tuesday and Saturday morning. I haven’t hit my 4 class target for this week, but I figure I’ve got a few weeks to make it up. I was in Surrey at my friend’s wedding on Thursday and Friday this week and celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday at the weekend, so I’ve eaten a lot more than I normally would, and had a couple of glasses of wine to boot. I feel a bit sluggish and bloated, but I’m sure I can shake it off next week.

All in all, not a bad start to the challenge!



The weather is unbearably muggy and hot. I have barre on Monday, but seriously consider sacking it off because of the weather and the fact that I took a tumble in the park walking the dog this weekend. I’m a bit bruised and battered, not to mention hot and bothered, but I remember my commitment to see this though and go to class anyway. I come home feeling grim but sadistically pleased I made myself go.

I do Pilates on Tuesday and round the week off with yoga with Rachel on the Friday evening. I leave feeling really relaxed and ready for the weekend… although this week the weekend means more barre on Saturday morning! I’m better focused by Saturday than I was on Monday, and I know I have my classes to thank for it.


Find out if I can complete the 20 class challenge by checking back for Part 2 in a couple of weeks!

To sign up for the 20 class challenge yourself, click here.



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