Four years ago, I treated my very first patient at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic. How was I to know, that day, what the next four years would have in store?


Over that time, we have grown into a strong team of 11, diversified our services to include sports therapy and personal training, and successfully executed thousands of patient appointments. The reputation the clinic has built is a testament to the quality of the practitioners and patient care staff within it, and I couldn’t be prouder to call them my teammates.


Today we’re packing up our funny little clinic above the shops in Boldmere, and moving to some larger premises on Coleshill Street, close to the centre of Sutton Coldfield. I’ve got to say, it feels very strange!


Boldmere is a thriving shopping high street, full of independent traders, like ourselves – and we have felt very at home here. To know we are moving on to provide better services to our patients is exciting, but there is a bitter twinge knowing we won’t be part of this lovely street.


The last 4 years have seen our team grow, and go from strength to strength in their professional capacity. This was quite a lonely job for me when I first started, and so I’m forever grateful to work with such amazing and inspiring people, who push me to be better at what I do.


I’m also incredibly thankful for the people who support me outside of my clinical life. I think sometimes to be self-employed you have to have a bit of a screw loose somewhere; but luckily, I have a few very special people who I can rely on to maintain my sanity!


The main thing I’ve learnt in the last 4 years is that it’s alright to ask for help when you need it. Whether that’s delegating workload amongst our team, asking for advice from my parents, or a patient coming in after 30 years with a bad back, asking for help – none of us can get through the world without help from one another.

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