The festive season can be pretty overwhelming! Giving your loved ones a thoughtful and useful gift can be a real head-scratcher. Thankfully, our team are on hand to help – with their top picks for festive gifts.

Here’s our top pick for the…


Stocking Stuffer

Soft tissue releasers – from £8.00 on Amazon and similar

An ideal Secret Santa gift! A foam roller, spiky massage ball, or lacrosse ball is the perfect healthy gift to add to a stocking! Work out tight muscles any place, any time – by giving the gift of tension release, with love from your Secret Santa!


Over worked, and over stressed

60 minute Sports Massage voucher – £42.50 from Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic

Giving the gift of experiences over material items is often received well as a very thoughtful present. If you know someone who doesn’t take time out for themselves, give them the gift of an hour with one of our Sports Masseuses. Melt muscle tensions away with an hour away from your emails, your kids and your responsibilities… In fact, it might be too nice to give away!


Sports Buff

Running Analysis – £100.00 from Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic

Runners can never know enough about their form and technique. Good running technique prevents injuries and helps runners achieve their goals for distance and speed. This voucher entitles the bearer to a 90 minute running assessment to really put them through their paces. The Sports Therapist analyses their coordination, strength and balance in addition to their running – and sets a comprehensive programme of training and conditioning work.

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