Golfers are among the most fanatical patients we treat in clinic. If their game is going badly, it’s the end of days – if you take some numbers off their handicap you’re the hero of the hour. There are few sports that require the concentration and precision of golf, and there are few sports that people tend to take up, on average at least, over the age of 35.


With the body of the average hobby golfer being over a decade older than the body of the average footballer we see in clinic – one could argue these are the patients where the practitioner can make least improvement. Yes, you may change the shape of a 50 year old, but it doesn’t mean you can’t improve their function, and improve their game, beyond recognition. Here are 3 ways golfers can benefit from Osteopathy.


Improved Rotation

It makes me cringe and cry when I see golfers put the club over the back of their shoulders and swing round side to side. It’s lumbar disc suicide. They hold their shoulders braced on the club, they keep their feet planted into the ground, and then they proceed to torque the hell out of their lumbar spine. No, thank you.

Osteopathic treatment can get the rotation into your spine with manual soft tissue massage and specific joint manipulation techniques – identifying specific parts of the spine that are stiff and gently helping them to loosen.


Improved Flexibility

Imagine your swing. Where are the sticking points? What muscles pull back when you need them to lengthen? Imagine no more – just bring your club into the clinic and your osteopath can analyse your swing for you. Osteopaths are trained in biomechanical assessment for sports, and can identify what muscles need loosening with deep tissue massage to achieve better movement and technique.


Improved Power

Struggling to get the power out of your swing? There might be issues with your rotation and flexibility, but if your osteopath has addressed those, and your swing still doesn’t feel like it’s powered with rocket fuel, then you might be lacking in muscle strength in some key areas.

Having a strong core is one of the most important factors in protecting your spine and getting power into your initial shots in golf. Your Osteopath can advise you on the most efficient exercises to bring strength to your core muscles; the power house of your swing.


To find out if an Osteopathic assessment and treatment could improve your game, give us a call!

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