Since letting Lizzie look at my (shamefully) over used running shoes, I was encouraged to invest in a new pair, to improve my running and save my feet, calves and knees from injury!

Lizzie assessed my current running shoes, which were a pair of Nike Pegasus 34 – badly battered by too many miles, lack of care and cleaning, and the general abuse that comes from not reserving your running shoes for running only.


Lizzie said that these shoes were a good match for my running style and the anatomy of my feet, but that I should seek out something a little tougher for running in the park across the trails and through muddy puddles.

She showed me the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail Shoes; lighter than most trail shoes, with more grip than a road-shoe and added water resistant qualities to keep the puddle-water out.


I took them for an (off)road test last week, and have done two more runs in them since – and I have to say, she was of course right.

I haven’t been this excited for a pair of running shoes since my very first pair. And it’s true what they say – a little bit of new kit really does get you motivated to do more miles!


Lizzie also suggested that I invest in a second pair of running shoes for road and treadmill running. A lot of people might initially get into running as a relatively cheap way of getting fit; but the truth is that if you want to increase your distance or speed without injuries, you really do need to invest a little bit, both in your kit and yourself.


The coaching I have had with Lizzie at the clinic’s specialist Runner’s Clinic has really improved my form – and I find myself enjoying my runs more because I’m not in as much pain!

Every exercise, stretching and conditioning routine, and manual treatment Lizzie has recommended has impacted my running in such a positive way – that to follow her advice on the shoes was just a natural progression.


I backed up my trail shoes with a pair of regular Nike 36 Pegasus, which are a slightly higher support than a neutral shoe, but not so chunky or heavy as the Nike Zoom Structures that I previously would have picked for my flat feet.

Having Lizzie to guide me in strengthening exercises means that I don’t have to rely totally on the structure of a shoe to have good form, and that I can have a lighter shoe than before I went to Running Clinic.


If you would like Lizzie’s help for your running technique, or picking out the correct shoes for you – check out her Running Clinic here at the Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic by clicking here!

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