Christmas is an unlikely nightmare for people suffering with lower back pain. Traipsing around the shopping centre, high heel wearing, and standing for long hours at parties or after work drinks can all be problematic.

There are some pro tips you can take on board to mitigate the festive ache.


Move at a pace…

There’s an art to walking slowly round the shops. We walk a little way, stop, look at something, walk a little further, have an argument with your significant other, then walk a bit more… It doesn’t activate our muscles in the same way as walking quickly, and we soon fatigue. We rely more on our ligaments to support us in this type of walking gait, so it’s likely to leave you aching. To avoid this, you simply have to speed up! Make a list, walk with purpose and avoid distractions!

Engage your core!

If you’re standing for after work drinks, try your best to think about the curve of your spine. Stand square and flat on the floor, feet hip width apart, even weight in each leg. Broaden your chest, tuck your chin in and lengthen your spine. Try to move around the room; it will help you socialise better, and keep your spine comfortable.


Throw some shapes!!

Standing on the side of the dance floor didn’t do anyone’s back any good. Kick off your shoes and have a little boogie! Nothing too adventurous – if you haven’t done the splits since gymnastics club as a child, now is not the time to check if you still can! But, a little side to side shuffle can help to loosen things out, and helps to burn off the extra mince pies too!