When you run, you’ll need to do some upkeep work to enable your body to recover, particularly if you’re making strides to increase your distance or speed. Here are my top tips to keep your runner’s body in good condition.


Hydration and Salt Balance

Taking on enough water and salt is obviously important for your performance and recovery. Making sure you’re properly hydrated with a good salt balance can help prevent cramping during or after your run.

Another way to get the right ions into your body is to take a magnesium salt bath, or use a magnesium oil spray. Magnesium is one of the few ions our bodies can absorb trans-dermally – which means it literally soaks into our muscles through our skin. Having enough magnesium means our muscles stay supple and improves recovery.


Foam Rolling and Stretching

Regularly foam rolling and stretching your muscles maintain their quality and helps you to keep progressing with your running. Keeping your muscles in good condition can help forces to be transferred through them better when you’re running, which could otherwise lead to injuries.


Regular Treatment

Finding a sports therapist who can iron out small injuries as and when they occur is the best thing you can do for your running performance. Even if you don’t have active injuries, regular treatment can help them occurring in the first place. Having someone to talk to about your training schedule, stretching routine, and running goals can be invaluable to achieving them.

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