Ski season is upon us, and it won’t be long till our patients will be trudging back home to Sutton Coldfield with all sorts of glorious injuries for our team of osteopaths and sports therapists to get stuck into!

In the meantime, if you’re off to ski (hello to my friend Charlie, who is and will probably never read this, even though he should!) here’s all the advice you need to keep yourself in working order until you’re back on the osteopath’s table.


Failure to prepare…

It’s cold out there, don’t forget to warm up! Skiing is a sport like any other, and you need to prepare your body for it. Mobilise your legs by circling your hips and ankles, and flexing your knees. A few little squats will help to activate your leg muscles, and some shoulder rolls will help to limber you up.


Don’t just shake it off

If you take a tumble, don’t just jump back on the ski lift again without taking stock of your body. It can be tempting to get back on the horse, so to speak, but make sure you have a real idea of any injuries that might have occurred. Take a moment to sit back, take a short walk, then start again. Make sure you invest in the right kit. Many resorts won’t let you ski without a helmet now, but it may be worth looking at a back protector if you’re prone to falls, or have had a previous injury. 


The winddown

Make sure you’re not spending the whoooooooole of apres ski in the bar. It’s important to get adequate sleep, feeding and rehydration if you’re out on the slopes again the following day. Most resorts have a decent sports masseuse, so it may even be worth getting an extra treatment in while you’re on your trip.