Everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated, but when you’re busy it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of your water intake. Here are some subtle signs that you might not be as hydrated as you think you are, and ways to get yourself hydrated!

The human body is made up of around 75% water, and just going about it’s normal biological processes will lose water to the environment. Breathing, sweating, and going to the loo reduce the amount of water in your body – and if we’re poorly or injured, we lose water even more rapidly.

Water is so important for the function of our organs – particularly the body’s waste removal organs like the liver and kidneys. Also our brain functions much better when adequately hydrated, and our metabolism is much quicker!

You might be dehydrated if you any of the following;

Feeling tired

Feeling thirsty

Having a dry mouth

Feeling dizzy

Having dry skin

Having a low volume of, or dark colour of urine


Severe dehydration can result in;

Low blood pressure

A rapid heart rate








But don’t wait until you feel dehydrated to take action!

You can obviously actively prevent dehydration by drinking water… But here are some extra tips you might not have thought of;

Eat Your Water

Fruits and vegetables contain a very high percentage of water, and by taking the water volume in with a fibrous food, your body can retain it more easily.

Make it Interesting!

Adding slices of lemon, lime or cucumber to your water can help to vary the flavour and keep you interested in drinking it. Other fruits like strawberries work well for a sweet flavour, or you could try some refreshing mint…

Drink on a Schedule

Setting yourself a reminder to drink as a matter of routine can be the only thing to work for some people. Luckily most of us now have a mobile phone, a smart watch, or another electronic advice to do the hard work for us! There are even hydration apps available to set reminders quickly and easily.


Challenge yourself to drink more water for a week, and see how you feel!



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